Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun at the Zoo....

We havn't posted for a while!
In January....our little Macy was born!! She is a fun addition to the family! There are pictures of her in this post :)
Lisa's family lives with us and we have been having fun adventures together...
Here we are at the Zoo!! We went with Lisa's family this past weekend!!
The dinosaur has Trey captured in his mouth!
Kolbs havin fun!! Ouch! :)
Me and Hailey
Trey and Megan!
Lis and Macy!
Megan with Macy :)
Jay striking a pose.... :)
The gang!
Brooklyn :)
"Thank You for Keeping Your Voices Down" Jayme and Kass :)
Hailey :)
There are dinosaurs everywhere around the Zoo...
Megan :)
Kass :)
Jayme and Trey :)
Giraffe's in love....
We thought these were fake until they opened their eyes...ahh!
What a fun saturday afternoon!!